Prom Season will soon be upon us!
This Stunning Gold Sequin Dress is also great for a party or cocktails. It has a 'v' neck and a sexy double cross over back detail. Also in other colours, this dress is certain to turn heads!

Manufacturing clothing has come under the spotlight recently.

My unique own brand of ‘Smart True Colour Fashion Tunics’ are environmentally friendly. They do not affect the environment in any way, shape or form. They do not cause pollution in the surrounding areas as they are made in a clean environment without the use of any chemicals.

These tunics are not made in a sweatshop being mass produced as they are handmade to order by a local accredited seamstress where I collect so there is no waste of fabric and not much in the way of a carbon footprint to fetch them.

They are Excellent Quality thus reducing landfill as they will last longer than a lesser quality garment which after a few wears is discarded. Proudly made in the UK the ‘Smart True Colour Fashion Tunics’ can be made from a size 10 to a size 20 UK Fitting, it is a modest fashion garment which can be worn with almost anything! In two styles and in three stunning colours there will be a colour to suit you!

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Amazing Magic Dresses, the most comfortable dress you will ever own! They come in a great range of colours and fit from a size 10 to a size 16/18.If you haven't seen these yet visit (Colours are subject to availabiity).